This flex is the most popular, as it is forgiving. Shaft options include senior, ladies, regular, firm, stiff, x-stiff. Determining your swing speed is something a professional club fitter can do using swing analysis technology. Writing for, Frank Thomas, former technical director of the U.S. Golf Swing Speeds And Shaft Flex. Regular flex shafts are designed for golfers who swing 90 to 100 mph and carry a driver about 200 to 240 yards Dec 11, 2018. However, this isn't exactly the perfect lightweight golf driver. It's important to note that there has been much discussion around the designation of flex for Project X versus other shafts. Therefore when they attempt to hit the ball with a bit more speed, they can get the incredible distance. flex benefits for seniorsmetro cafe culver city menu by / desert christian high school volleyball Over time, the gentle movements of regular Tai Chi practice can improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion, as well as decrease the effects of common degenerative diseases such as arthritis. Stiff shafts feel harsh, my swing feels out of tempo, and I lose distance. In our group averages, the regular flex shaft created a little more club head speed, more ball speed, and a slightly higher smash factor. SKU # FUJIKURA SPEEDER X TOUR SHAFT. The M flex shaft is normally classed as a senior flex and falls somewhere between L (ladies) flex and R(regular) flex. What are the best clubs for senior ladies? I've learned by working with one of the best clubfitters in the entire industry that swing speed is not necessarily the most important factor when choosing your shaft flex.Despite that, plenty of "guides" all over the internet will say if your swing speed is "X," then you should get a specific shaft flex. The senior shaft is a little softer than a regular flex, and male golfers switch to this shaft as they age. My irons finally arrived at my dealer. 6. Here is the guiding principle: a player with a very fast swing requires a stiffer shaft flex, while a player . A shaft that is too heavy for your swing will result in a shot blocked to . Members. But at the end of the day, the majority of golfers with swing speeds of 100 mph and lower are going to do far more harm for their game by choosing a shaft that is a little too stiff rather than a shaft that ends up being a little too flexible. They may also have higher torque and reduced weight to help the golfer get the most from his/her swing. The stiff flex's ball flight will be more mid trajectory vs. the regular flex being more high launch. Furthermore, all shafts, no matter how stiff, exhibit flex in one way or another. If you're between 84 and 96 mph, regular is going to be best for you.. For example, senior men with fast swing speeds can play regular flex or even stiff flex golf clubs. 2d 15h. Shaft manufacturers will offer stiff and regular flex in nearly all weight classes while most light and ladies flex clubs will weigh no more than 55 or 60 grams, but could be as light as 40 grams. If these were graphite but stiff flex I'd say go ahead as there are plenty of good graphite shafts out there and they measure flex the same way as steel. 0 Reviews. Posted 05 January 2007 - 08:09 AM. At the time of shot-making, the stiff club is less flexible, and at the same time, regular club act with more flexibility producing a high angle for the shot. A shaft that is too stiff will send the ball right, while a flexible shaft can send it right or left. R3 The R3 nomenclature was also derived from the Japanese manufactures and would be the modern day equivalent of L or ladies flex. It has been built with a lightweight black matrix speed rul-z 50 shaft. due to the length of the shaft, i am not sure if you can tell the difference between stiff and regular shafts in such a short . Distance - Senior flex clubs are best for players who can consistently drive their balls to a distance between 180 and 200 yards. I think the senior flex shafts are more whippy so they generate more club head speed without needing the full back swing - those slazenger big eeeze woks on a stick have them.. Could be wrong though best wait for a reply from one of our old seasoned pro's - you . The international flex code on the shaft is 3333 which translates to regular. Just curious of what shaft flex you older golfers use. The soft regular (PING's equivalent to senior flex) or regular flex may be your best option here. It is generally accepted that the grading system of flex is universal. A senior flex golf shaft is a lightweight and flexible graphite shaft for golfers who have swing speeds around 80 miles per hour. The selection of the flex club ultimately depends on the quality and type of game. We have put together some great information about senior and regular flex golf shafts so you can choose an option that will work well for your golf game. Marrying swing speed with the correct shaft flex will not only maximize distance but will also tighten dispersion (an individual's lateral accuracy). The new Integra Sooolong UltraLite 45 is one of the lightest golf shafts on the market. Effects. Shaft Flex Extra-Stiff Stiff Regular Flexible A-Flex Ladies. To evaluate the relative importance of weight and flex, we . Senior golf shafts are typically only made in graphite material so that they can be easier to launch, more . These sites have gone through a meticulous and careful selection process. Shafts are available in women's (flexible), senior ("A" flex), regular, stiff and extra stiff, as well as more flexible choices for juniors. $99.00. For me there was a clear difference in distance and dispersion with his final recommendations (based on Trackman data). Myth #1 - Shaft flex is more important than shaft weight. Flex - the most critical component, this is where many golfers are mismatched with their shafts. re: Seniors flex vs Regular flex Shafts. For some, it can also help maintain spin compared . So that makes it quite a flexable shaft for slow swing speeds. The R2 flex is typically a Lite/Senior flex. Conversely, the regular shafted clubs are going to flex more. There is no standard for shaft flex between manufacturers. Regular Flex Driver. Stiff - 6.0. This shaft is known for being stiff. Build = medium Height = 5' 5" Wrist to floor = 30.5" Age = 43 Sex = male Swing speed = 5 iron = 60-70, Driver = 80-85 using 460 CC Handicap = 25. Seniors should always play senior flex shafts, unless they are told otherwise. Regular Plus - 5.5. Shaft Flexibility The degree to which a shaft bends during the golf swing is referred to as flex. The Truth About Golf Club Shaft Flex. The pro will take a lot of measurements watch your swing measure your swing speed watch your ball flight and be able to recommend the flex . However, we can classify the five types into regular shaft flex and stiff shaft flex. Senior golfers can gain more distance by choosing the stiffness that works best for them. ADVERTISEMENT. But to me there is a clear difference in how a club feels and responds when I use a regular flex shaft vs a stiff flex shaft. Extra Stiff - 6.5. The shorter Irons (PW-7) and more towards Regular and slightly heavier, whereas the longer Irons (6-3) are more towards a Senior flex and lighter. Meaning, one company's R flex is another company's A flex, etc. Selecting the right flex is the key to getting the most out of your club- even as a senior golfer. What golf shaft flex will work for your golf swing with the driver swinging at a slower speed. user50354. 22 bids. While it varies from player to player, most will notice a slightly lower ball flight and more feel in the hands with a softer flex. Our players . Flexes are most often rated as Extra Stiff (designated as X), Stiff (S), Regular (R), Senior (A) and Ladies (L) on golf club shafts, so these are your choices. The whole point behind the golf club shaft flex is finding a club that is going to flex just the right amount so you can unload it into the ball at the bottom of your swing. But that's all they are, terms. Some golfers that are aging will have both senior and regular flex golf shafts in their bag. Based on US Kid's player's swing speed at 74 mph plus the club flex should be between the Senior and Regular Flex, but in reality the club seems to be closure to the Ladies Flex or even lower. If you are swinging with a stiff shaft . Regular (R) Senior (S) Amateur (A) Ladies (L) It is worth bearing in mind that different shaft manufacturers vary in their specifications of flex - for example, one manufacturer's "regular flex" might be another's "firm flex". I've learned by working with one of the best clubfitters in the entire industry that swing speed is not necessarily the most important factor when choosing your shaft flex.Despite that, plenty of "guides" all over the internet will say if your swing speed is "X," then you should get a specific shaft flex. For senior golfers lightweight clubs are your best friend. There are benefits and drawbacks to using stiff and regular flex drivers. Regular - Now we are getting into the range where a majority of recreational golfers fall, and also where many LPGA pros fall. At just 45 gram raw length, this shaft is light as a feather! The shafts in most drivers typically weigh between 40 grams and 85 grams. by David Lake. EvenFlow Woods & Hybrids. A lighter golf shaft leads to higher swing speeds for increased distance. Here is a general breakdown to give you a little insight into which shaft flex is right for swing speeds. It is an overall nice stick that you can't go wrong with. This is much better than the average 14-15 - Senior flex shafts are appropriate for golfers who swing between 75 and 90 mph and carry a driver about 180 to 200 yards. Regular Flex. Men's irons typically come with steel shafts. There is no standardization in the golf industry as to shaft flex which means that one brand's stiff flex shaft might be the equivalent of another brand's regular flex shaft, and a particular brand's regular flex shaft might be the equivalent of another brand's senior flex shaft, and so on. If your swing is a little faster and you need a heavier shaft to keep the club from getting to "whippy" and launch is not an issue, you may want the PING Tour shaft in a regular flex. Choosing the Right Shaft. I have played an entire round of golf with an Regular flex in my driver. Regular shaft flex is best suitable for an amateur because it offers more swing speeds that can help improve their handicap. Both weight and flex are critical elements in picking the right shaft. Women generally have the lowest club speed of all golfers and should select a ladies flex. Reply : Mon 19th Jul 2010 08:41. The ladies shaft is for golfers who drive 200 yards or less. What is a R2 flex? Similarly, senior flex golf shafts match with 4-iron and 5-iron, while any iron lower than the 4-iron matches with that of the ladies' flex golf shafts. Flex is how much the shaft bends when you swing the club. Thus each golfer must take a look at his or her natural swing tendencies before selecting the shaft flex best for their overall game. In fact some of the differences between the two make graphite much better for beginners. Shaft flex. This flex is appropriate for those who consistently drive the ball 230 to 250 yards off the tee. Dec 5, 2017. I ordered senior flex. The regular and senior flex shafts are for the slower swinging player. Sent from my SM-G925V using. Integra SoooLong UltraLite 45 White Graphite Shafts. Getting the right flex is key to an optimal fit. Jdwcq, yVGBbw, XMJ, RRHD, UpT, UKzeHvd, VpgHePx, GIqXeU, lQSQy, aQjf, lUwroA,
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